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We deliver entire IT projects, we share the risk

We are focussed on delivery. Our entire business is built around it. We don’t have a HR, procurement, or IT departments. We have pods. Each pod is a fully independent team that is designed to deliver for you whilst removing all common blockers.

Our commercial models supports this. We share the risk with you. We’re not here to bill you by the day – we’re here to deliver. Whatever goal you are working towards – we can make it happen.

Find out more about pods and our commercial model when you read more about our difference.



Understanding your business makes the difference between having some software delivered and having the software you need delivered. The first part of any engagement is to truly understand your needs and to translate those into requirements.

  • We have in-house analysts and change transformation experts
  • We understand your needs
  • We can confirm or define your requirements depending on where you are in your project

Whether you’ve already got a project brief or whether you’re just starting to define your needs – we can help. We can run this as part of a large project or we can help you get your footing whilst you decide what to do next.



It's not just how we do it, but what we do. Our team has all the skills necessary to bring your business to it’s full potential.



We work across dozens of different sectors, you can read more about us to see how we can help.

For each client we take on we believe understanding your business top-to-bottom is pivotal to delivery. No team companies, even in the same sector, operate in the same way. It is understanding your unique differences and your technology stack that we believe helps us to put together a truly unique offering.

Our clients come from all sectors and we’ve worked with retail, financial services, blockchain, diamond, consumer mobile and aggrotech clients. Regardless of your sector, we can support you.

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